Ambulatory Surgery International (ASI) Privacy Statement

As part of this recruitment process, Ambulatory Surgery International (ASI) will be collecting and storing personal information based on the CV and cover letter you submitted to allow us to appropriately consider and assess your application. Please read the following privacy policy to understand how we use and protect the information you provide. By submitting your application, you are consenting to ASI holding and using it in accordance with this policy. The policy is subject to change and any changes to it in the future will be notified on our website. By submitting your application, you are agreeing to such changes.

This Policy contains important information about how ASI will process your personal data in connection with your application for the advertised role. You are asked to read the Policy carefully before submitting your application. If you have any questions on this Policy, please contact us at


  1. What data will ASI collect about me and why?
  2. How will ASI use my personal data?
  3. What happens to my personal data?
  1. What data will ASI collect about me and why?
    1. ASI will collect your personal data as necessary to process your application. This personal data will include (but is not limited to): your name, address and previous addresses, date of birth, employment history, education and qualifications, referees and memberships of professional bodies and/or other relevant certificiates held with external bodies as required for the job applied
    2. This information may be collected from a number of sources, including your CV, cover letter, interview notes, correspondence and any other documents generated during the recruitment process
    3. The purpose of processing your personal data is to allow ASI to consider your job application as part of its standard recruitment process. In the event that your application is successful, this data may also be retained and processed for the purpose of the ongoing contractual relationship (further information on this processing will be provided to you as needed). Finally, as explained below, the information which you provide may also be used to assess your suitability as a healthcare employee as part of ASI’s background vetting procedure
  2. How will ASI use my personal data?
    1. Recruitment & Selection
      1. Your personal data will be used by ASI employees and advisors during all aspects of the recruitment process, for example to assess your application, during any interview and when finalising any recruitment decision
    2. Background Vetting
      1. ASI considers it owes a duty to its patients to ensure that it maintains the highest standards of honesty and integrity when recruiting for its workforce. As a result, it is ASI’s policy to undertake background checks on all applicants who are offered a contract to provide services following the recruitment process
      2. The checks may include the following:
        1. verification of the applicant’s identity
        2. verification of the applicant’s right to work in the UK
        3. confirmation of consistency in the information provided
        4. evaluation of employment references over the previous three years (where the applicant has been with one employer for the past 3 years a character reference will also be taken up)
        5. verification of highest level of education (where relevant)
        6. verification of relevant professional certifications, qualifications or affiliations (if any)
    3. It is essential that the information you provided in your CV and cover letter is honest, accurate and not misleading. In the event that a discrepancy is discovered during the conduct of the background checks, an applicant will usually be given the opportunity to provide an explanation. However, all applicants should note that, should such explanation be unsatisfactory, or if ASI otherwise determines (in its absolute discretion) that the results of the background checks are a cause for concern, this could lead to any offer of a contract to provide services being withdrawn or, where the contract has commenced, the immediate termination of the contract. In line with the above, all offers of a contract to provide services made by ASI are expressly conditional upon a satisfactory background check being completed in relation to each applicant
  3. What happens to my personal data?
    1. Access and Storage
      1. Documents containing your personal data will be accessed and stored by employees of ASI for the purposes of the recruitment and selection process
      2. In all cases, ASI takes appropriate steps to ensure that the documents are stored securely (whether in hardcopy or softcopy) and that access is restricted only to those employees with a legitimate purpose
    2. Personal data will not be transferred or shared with third party organisations
    3. Retention of personal data
      1. Successful applicants: If your application is successful, any information which you have provided during the recruitment process will be retained only if it is relevant to the ongoing relationship. Full details of how ASI processes personal data during the contractual relationship will be provided in due course as needed
      2. Unsuccessful applicants: In the event that your application is unsuccessful on this occasion, any information which you have provided during the recruitment process will be retained for a maximum period of no longer than 12 months in order to deal with any queries or issues relating to your application, following which it will be destroyed