Key position in a fast growing, innovative healthcare company. Help us drive adoption of our top class surgery and diagnostic model around the world.


About Welbeck Health Partners

Healthcare organisations worldwide need to transform. The old models no longer work and the system needs to be re-built to meet patient needs effectively and efficiently. Welbeck Health Partners is looking to develop new models to meet these challenges, including specialised day case surgery.

Our London flagship OneWelbeck is a specialist facility for minimally-invasive day surgery and outpatient diagnostics. OneWelbeck was founded by doctors and healthcare leaders who believe there is a better way to deliver care. We are driving excellence and improving patient outcomes by breaking down the barriers that exist in today’s healthcare system.

Welbeck Health Partners brings together a top-class management team with deep experience in development and operation of day surgery centres, strong relationships in key markets and a history of successfully launching innovative new care models.


Business Development Manager role

Welbeck Health Partners is looking for a top class Business Development Manager based in London to help us grow our network of high quality, high efficiency day case surgery and diagnostic centres. This is a great opportunity to join a growing organisation with an exciting team, drive innovation and take responsibility for delivering growth.

You will take responsibility for the full range of development activities associated with opportunities owned by you. Working with other ASI teams, key activities will include:

  1. Source and drive new development opportunities.
  2. Share day surgery operating best practices
  3. Drive centre implementation.
  4. Contribute to ASI corporate development. 

Source and drive new business development opportunities

You will complete strategic assessments and assess the viability of centre opportunities, including new-build (‘organic’) centres and acquisition opportunities. You will collaborate with other members of the Welbeck Health team to progress new business opportunities by developing proposals; completing business modelling and scenario analysis; supporting potential partner negotiations; etc. You will also work with Welbeck Health’s partners to develop differentiated propositions and define the capabilities required to deliver these.

Share day surgery operating model best practices

You will become an expert in the day surgery and diagnostic operating model, spending time learning the best practices developed by over the past 20 years in areas such as centre management, quality assurance, process, data / analytics, etc. You will utilize this knowledge to help you drive progress on development opportunities, working with doctors, hospitals and other key stakeholders across the healthcare space.

Drive centre implementation

As opportunities enter implementation, you will work with the centre management team, other Welbeck Health teams and external advisors to implement the new centre effectively and efficiently. This will include driving progress in managing design & construction; marketing and launch; IT implementation; etc.

Contribute to corporate development

You will also be a key member of the ASI team helping to improve central capabilities and pursue growth around the world. Activities will include:


A strong candidate will be multi-skilled with particular experience and skills in healthcare and business development. Key skills and experience:


Salary and Benefits

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